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Corporate Social Investment

Empowering Communities, Uplifting Lives

We believe in giving back to the communities we serve. At Nono Capital, our Corporate Social Investment initiatives focus on creating sustainable positive change, uplifting lives, and making a lasting impact on society.

Overview of Nono Foundation

The Nono Foundation is a beacon of purpose-driven empowerment, dedicated to creating positive and sustainable change across communities in alignment with the core values of Nono Capital. As an integral part of the Nono Capital ecosystem, the Nono Foundation embodies a profound commitment to nurturing growth, fostering innovation, and driving impactful initiatives that address pressing societal challenges.

Mission and Vision


The Nono Foundation is committed to catalysing transformative progress through education, entrepreneurship, and community development. Our mission is to empower individuals, particularly in underserved regions, with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to thrive and create lasting change.


We envision a world where every individual has access to quality education, meaningful opportunities, and the chance to unlock their fullest potential. By leveraging the power of education, entrepreneurship, and social impact, the Nono Foundation aims to contribute to the upliftment of communities and the advancement of sustainable solutions.

Core Pillars

Education for Empowerment

The Nono Foundation believes in the transformative power of education. We design and implement educational programs that empower individuals with knowledge, skills, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our focus areas include access to quality education, skill development, and capacity-building initiatives.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We recognize entrepreneurship as a catalyst for economic growth and social change. The Nono Foundation supports aspiring entrepreneurs by providing mentorship, training, and resources to foster innovation and create sustainable business ventures that drive job creation and economic development.

Community Development

At the heart of the Nono Foundation’s endeavours is a deep commitment to community well-being. Through partnerships, collaborations, and grassroots initiatives, we work to improve living conditions, healthcare access, and social infrastructure in the communities we serve.

Programs and Initiatives

Educational Scholarships

The Nono Foundation offers scholarships to deserving individuals, enabling them to pursue higher education and vocational training that aligns with their aspirations and potential.

Entrepreneurship Incubation

Our entrepreneurship programs provide aspiring business leaders with mentorship, business development resources, and networking opportunities to turn their innovative ideas into successful enterprises.

Community Outreach

Through community-driven projects, the Nono Foundation addresses critical needs, such as healthcare, clean water, sanitation, and infrastructure improvements, with the aim of enhancing the overall quality of life.

Impact and Sustainability

The Nono Foundation is driven by a commitment to achieving measurable impact and fostering sustainability. By fostering partnerships, collaborating with stakeholders, and leveraging Nono Capital’s resources, we ensure that our initiatives create enduring positive change that resonates far beyond the immediate present.

The Nono Foundation serves as a testament to the spirit of purposeful progress, embodying the principles that guide Nono Capital’s investment strategies. Together, we strive to build a future where empowerment, innovation, and compassion intersect to create a more equitable and prosperous world for all.

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