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At Nono Capital, we invest with a purpose – to catalyse positive transformation across diverse sectors. Our focus lies in strategic equity interests, joint ventures, privatisation, restructuring, and more. We are agents of change, supporting management buy-outs, leveraged buy-ins, and buyouts of larger groups, enabling businesses to soar to new heights.

At Nono Capital, we believe in investing with a purpose. Our mission is to drive positive change in the world by strategically investing in nine (9) vital industries that demand capital and hold the potential for significant social impact. These industries present not only challenges but also immense opportunities for scalable and viable solutions.


Our focus on the healthcare industry stems from its critical importance in safeguarding human well-being. We seek to support groundbreaking innovations that develop new treatments for diseases, enhance the quality of care, and make healthcare more affordable and accessible for all.


The key to unlocking a brighter future lies in empowering individuals through education. At Nono Capital, we invest in projects that improve the quality of education, enhance accessibility, and ensure that knowledge knows no boundaries.


We recognize the urgency of the global energy challenge. Our investments in the energy industry centre on developing sustainable and clean energy sources, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, and optimizing energy efficiency for a greener planet.


The world moves at a fast pace, and we aim to contribute to smoother and more sustainable transportation systems. Our investments focus on alleviating traffic congestion, enhancing public transportation networks, and creating a greener, more connected world.


Water is life's most precious resource, and we are committed to its responsible management. At Nono Capital, we invest in projects that provide clean water to all, combat water pollution, and protect and manage water resources for future generations.


Nourishing the world is not only a necessity but also a moral imperative. Our investments in the food industry strive to ensure food security, reduce food waste, and foster sustainable agricultural practices to meet the needs of the present and the future.


The well-being of our planet is at the core of our values. We direct our investments towards the sustainability industry, tackling issues like climate change, pollution, and resource scarcity, while nurturing eco-friendly solutions that preserve our planet's natural harmony.


Embracing innovation is vital for progress, and our investments in technology aim to foster a smarter and safer world. We back pioneering projects in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, big data, and beyond, ensuring a technology-driven future that benefits all.

Infrastructure and Property

Solid foundations are the pillars of progress, and we invest in infrastructure and property projects that create thriving communities. Our focus lies in projects that enhance connectivity, housing, and urban development, laying the groundwork for a brighter future.

Together, let’s create a world where investments become instruments of transformation, solving real-world problems, and making a profound social impact. Join us on this journey of purposeful progress at Nono Capital, where investments become agents of positive change.
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